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Saturday, April 28, 2012

1200 Pound Explosion - Pastel - sold

16 x 20 inches, pastel on board.  Im trying to get a series of rodeo paintings done before rodeo season arrives and along with that many visitors and tourists.  These rodeo scenes using an abstract type painting method have been recieved positively by many, so I thought I would continue along these lines and see what happens.  I do enjoy this method of painting very much.  For it allows me to use my imagination more, and not be so concerned with making things look too "real".  More artistic freedom, I suppose.


  1. Ron, Your very best one yet--its a wonderful scene--and to me, its realistic enough - - no one needs the full scene to enjoy it, or to get the best "feel" from it---this way it has much more power, and drama - - its appearence is very realistic where it needs to be, and then lets the rest be finnished by the viewer, which is wonderful. Its a masterful painting---- reminds me of Chris Ownens' watercolors, but not exactly-- Keep it up and have a wonderful summer! I am doing another Plein-air event locally in June - -I love PA for some reason.

  2. Ron, this is super. You should really do well with this style. Makes you feel like you are there and know the rider without those things, well, you know what I mean. :) Love it!

  3. This is super, Ron. Love the action. It really moves! You are on to something....