Welcome to my art site! This is the place where I display some of my paintings and give some thoughts as to the process invloved in creating a painting. All paintings are for sale unless stated otherwise. If your interested in purchasing a painting, please contact via email for pricing and any other information you would be interested in. Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cold Shadows

5 x 7, pastel on masonite.

I feel a litte bad about bringing up winter again. However, in order to get back into the flow of painting again, these small 5 x 7 work great to revive the creative juices. I just happened to have this already rough sketched from last winter. So it was easy to just grap it and start slapping on some pigment.

Summer activities are in full swing, so the only painting time is at night (as usual). However, all this summer fun, leads to hundreds of photos and potential paintings ideas. My mind is just overflowing with ideas. Lots of fun, and presents so many fun challenges to keep the ole brain a workin.

Catch yaall latter....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evening Bluff

Finally got some time to do some painting. I hate it when the day job takes over and I'm too wiped out to paint at night after work.

This one is 9 x 12, pastel, on colorfix pastel paper. I also used an alcohol wash underpainting.