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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Golden Trees- oil study

I've been neglecting my blog duties lately! Continuing with my landscape painting in oil series, this is a study painting focusing on using all mid values. I wanted to see if I could produce a painting that is colorful without using any extreme lights or darks.

You can see in the black and white version how the yellow trees are almost exactly the same value as the background blue mountain. In the color version, you would never discern that the yellow and blue would be same value.

Im happy with how this turned out, even though it was never intended as a "finished" painting. Because all the colors are mid value, this painting glows with light, even in the corner of a dim lit room. I will definetly incorporate this mid value technique in my future "finished" paintings.


  1. That is very interesting. I never would have thought the yellow was the same value as the blue mountains. You know how they tell you to squint to see the values? Well, it doesn't seem to work like this black & white picture. Thanks for sharing - and I love the painting as well!

  2. Hello Ron! Yes, working this way, with a value study first teaches you so much. I almost always have one before I paint- - even of my chickens! Something I learned from my Japanese watercolor teacher - - -it is a notan, or 3- to 4, even 5 value study, if you will- - - no matter what speak you use, its about arranging the values. I am getting ready to try another sky, but first plan to do a black and white study using India ink on Mititentes, then go over that with the pastel---in the sky, too. I love this painting of the golden trees, really nice in color.

  3. Thanks Carolyn and Ida, my good friends from Nevada! Always appreciate your comments.