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Friday, January 21, 2011

Drifts Above the Laramie Valley- oil

I'm continuing along with my oil landscape paintings. This scene is looking west across the Laramie valley to the Snowy Range mountains in the far distance.
Depicting distance when the air is crisp and clear is difficult. No heat waves, no humidity, no dust or pollution to cause objests in the distance to blurr or fade out. But, Im determined to figure out how to paint distance on those crisp, clear Wyoming days where mountains 60 miles away are as clear as if you were standing at the base of them.


  1. Hi Ron - the colors in the snow are beautiful - and you did achieve the atmospheric perspective you wanted, even though you have such clean, clear air up there!!!! We only get that when the wind blows the inversion away! And, yes, Ida and I are the first in the Daily Painters of Nevada - thanks to you!

  2. very nice painting, Ron----I have that feelong too, about getting the distance to recess properly when in real life, you are standing there and it seems so clear and even close!! This is why I love painting plein-air--its a problem you (all artists) are faced with, and it seems in plein-air you may have a chance at learning it faster. Just my thought. I do love how this one turned out, so no fear!

  3. Carol, Ida- always good to hear from my friends in Nevada, thanks a bunch!