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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man on a Bicycle- Pastel

Image size in 8 x 10 inches. This was an experiment for using ink to tone and create a background. Basically, I "borrowed" my wifes ink pads (that she uses for cardmaking) one night when she wasn't home. I rolled a few colors of ink using one of her rollers; dark brown, lighter brown, and rusty color rolled vertically. Applied a couple coats of Colorfix primer over the ink after it dried- which was fast by the way. A little bit of pastel over that, but much of the ink is still visable in the background. The purpose of this background was to have a more abstract background, using "old fashioned or antique looking" colors to go along with the antique bike. And I needed to "ground" the bike by adding the illusion of a road, and added in some slight reflection for fun. Hope you like it.


  1. Ron, this is great. Fun, different and creative. Nice job

  2. both Nvcricket, (Carol) and I really like this painting! Where did you come up with the idea? Background is great, and makes the rider really stand out!! Good job!

  3. Great painting Ron, I love it. Oddly (coincidence) there were two gents riding penny farthing bicycles through the town here last weekend, very surreal.

  4. Jo, Ida, Carol- thanks a bunch. this was originally a snap shot photo that I took last summer. I thought it would make an interesting subject for a painting.... it only took me year to get around to paint it!

    Peter- thanks, glad you like it. I am going to do some more antique bicycle paintings.... keep an eye out for them riding through your town!ha ha

  5. This is the wife!! I love that you are showing interest in my stamping supplies, makes it so much easier to borrow your painting supplies. haha. Great painting