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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tree Frog- Pastel

Just having some fun with my pastels. This is a small, 5 x 7 inch, painting. I have some larger pieces that I am wanting to do, but I need to force myself to set aside the time to do the necessary preliminary sketches and research. Hopefully, soon, I'll get started on those things. In the meantime, these small pieces have kept things going.


  1. This is fun. Lots of movement here.

  2. I have read many times that small paintings are the best way to learn Compostion. these are very good , and do look like fun. I don't know how you got the cows so nice when its so small! Maybe it works!? Really nice greens in your frog. Still struggleing with plein-air myself but plan to rest today. Those prelim-plans are so important, and I know what you mean when you get to point when its hard to get started with them. good luck!

  3. Jo, Ida- thank again for your comments, its always appreciated. Working small has helped with learning composition, figuring out my oil paints, and getting better at not fussing with too many details.... staying to whats important for the purpose of the painting.