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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tree of Strength

Well, I've started to do some oil painting. This one is 9 x 12. Based on some photos taken near Cheyenne last week. I'm in the process of figuring out the feel of the paint, how to hold brushes, mixing colors etc. Its lots of fun and I have a lot to learn. I'll still be doing pastels as well. So much to paint, so little time! This particular painting would be my second landscape using oil paint. My first was a week or so ago... and will go into the "learning experience" file! LOL


  1. Ron, this is awesome for only your 2nd oil. I can see great things in store for you! Keep it up, I think you'll soon love oil and those brushes as much as the pastel!

  2. ron, I agree with Deb! 2nd one? I love to plein-air in oils , but haven't done many. I use a split-primary palette, and no black. It helps with color harmony and also to learn to mix the colors. I loved plein-air w/c's which are hard but fun--Oils are fun tho different. Love the way the oil paint glistens when you are finnised. Isn't it all just a great way to spend your life?

  3. Thanks Deb and Ida for stopping by and your kind remarks. Yes, Ida, this art stuff is a great part of life!